welding station

Welded manufacturing department is divided into 2 separate areas, the 1st area is robotic carbon steel welding and the 2nd area is robotic stainless steel and aluminum welding sections.

In the carbon steel welding area, 3 ABB welding robots equipped with MIG / MAG welding method have 1 Pulse Synergic and 2 Fronius CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) welding technology. It has robotic welding capability in accordance with mass production conditions with 2 manual TIG welding stations and 1 semi-mechanized MAG and 1 manual MAG station. We have technical competence to WPQR and certified operators that can weld thicknesses from 1mm to 80mm in the carbon steel welding department.

With point resistance (ERSW) welding method connected on 1 ABB welding robot and 2 manual point resistance welding machines, carbon steel materials from 0.8mm to 2mm are combined. It also uses different welding methods with 2 Stud Welding machines.

In the stainless steel and aluminum welding sections; With 1 fully mechanized TIG welding robot, 2 semi-mechanized TIG welding stations and 2 manual TIG welding stations, it has added 0.6mm to 3mm stainless steel welding and 1mm to 3mm aluminum welding capabilities at free zone from carbon steel in a separate factory.