human resources

human resources policy

Renkler’s Human Resources Policy aims to provide a work environment that is fair, transparent, respectful, valuing and evaluating different opinions and suggestions, where employees have the opportunity to reveal their potential, where each employee contributes to the future of Renkler by creating value and is valued, where development opportunity is provided for employees to maximize their performance, that is development-oriented, safe and healthy.

Aiming to create a workforce that is happy, efficient, participatory, successful, environmentally sensitive, respectful of laws, and does not compromise ethical values, Renkler adopts a management approach that is transparent, honest and rapidly adaptable to changing conditions.

Renkler’s recruitment and placement process

Renkler’s recruitment process begins and continues with the idea of placing the right candidates for the right position, based on the company's goals and principles. After determining the needs with the Norm Staffing study, the interview process begins with the appropriate candidates, taking into account their competencies for the relevant positions. Following the evaluations, candidates who are found competent are offered a job by the company and the candidate who is found competent for the position starts working. The aim here is to question candidates’ knowledge, skills and competencies and to ensure that they are placed in the right position suitable for their qualifications.

Renkler training and talent development process

At Renkler, our focus and value is "Human". Therefore, our investment in people is the most important investment. It is essential that the training and development investment made in the employees at Renkler creates value for both employees and the company and is related to the strategic goals of the company.

Internship process at Renkler

In the light of our motto which is “Renkler is not only a company that produces, but also teaches and develops”, we work to prepare our interns for business life by valuing them, and we request improvement suggestions from them after the internship period. With our competent technical team and over forty years of experience, we guide our interns, give responsibilities in the processes, and support them in preparing and presenting projects.


Our ROTA project the name of which is consisted with the first letters of the words in clause "Renkler Academy from School to Team" in Turkish, was created with the aim of raising a successful young generation by adding new graduates and students to our employment process, on the way to bring our experiences to the future with hope. ROTA, which we sowed the first seeds in 2019, is a project for 4th grade students and new graduates of faculties of economics and administrative sciences and the departments of engineering. ROTA, which is seen by friends who started working part-time as a big step in shaping their future, aims to give new graduates every year.