quality laboratory

Renkler quality laboratory; thanks to its experienced, expert staff and up-to-date technological equipment that empowers it, it is capable of performing measurement-quality control processes with meticulousness and precision.

3D coordinate measuring

We have 2 CMM devices that can perform geometric measurement checks and measure automatically through the program. Measurements can be made to pieces with a maximum size of 1200 * 3000 * 1000 mm.

2D laser scanning measuring device

By using scanning technology, 2D measurements can be made on laser production parts.

form scanning device

It is used for measuring radius and angles on part surfaces. Deformations occurring on the material form can be detected. Various measurements and calculations can be made with software support.

2D digital height gauge

It is used in two dimensional height measurements. Dimensional calculations, diameter measurements and distance measurements can be made with the software integrated into the measuring instrument.

surface roughness measuring device

After machining, surface roughness control is performed depending on customer requests. In addition, control is provided for incoming raw materials as required by the standards.

hardness tester

Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell hardness measurements can be made with the latest technology devices. In addition to these equipment, the sampling, bakelite taking, sanding and polishing operations required for measurement can also be carried out within Colors.

spring force tester

Tensile and compression tests are performed on spring materials in line with customer expectations. Our equipment can apply up to 5 tons of pressing force and up to 50 kg of pulling force.


It is a device that can measure the thickness of coatings applied to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thickness measurements of silver, tin, nickel, chrome plating are made with suitable solutions.

profile projection

It enables measurement by magnifying it at various rates thanks to a strong light emitted towards the object from the lower part of the small-sized parts placed on it.

coating / paint thickness measuring device

Non-destructive measurement of the coating and paint thickness of all parts whose surface treatment is completed.