ohs policy

As Renkler, we guarantee to be inclusive of our factories established in Manisa and Izmir that carry out the production and assembly of components for electromechanics, white goods, automotive and similar industries;

By evaluating all internal and external contexs, conditions, requirements and expectations of all parties that are involved, for the customer satisfaction in a customer specific and ecofriendly way:

o Keeping the risks relative to the Occupational Health and Safety under control by eliminating the threats on the source using systematic approaches which include the participation of all our employees,

o Abiding the laws and other obligations that we are liable to on Occupational Health and Safety,

o Providing continuous improvement on all risk-bearing issues that relates to Occupational Health and Safety with our continuous improvement principle and reward suggestion system,

o Evaluating new products, machines, facilities and processes in project design phase from the perspective of Occupational Health and Safety,

o Giving the permission and responsibility to stop work to all our employees in case of any situation, action or case that puts themselves, co-workers or visitors into danger,

o Bringing and enhancing the culture of Occupational Health and Safety which is based on safe behaviour to all our employees through planned seminars.