management systems policy

As Renkler, we have put into practice and are implementing the following policies in our factories in Manisa and İzmir, which produce and assemble components for electromechanical, white goods, automotive and similar industries:

quality policy

Our quality policy has been created based on dynamic quality principles.

Our main goal is to always be preferable with our product and shipment quality.

Our goals:

  • To ensure the permanent satisfaction of our customers, employees, sub-industry and suppliers by adhering to the relevant laws and standards,
  • To ensure our product and shipment quality meet customer targets and expectations,
  • To increase productivity with the continuous development of our employees and to ensure teamwork is effective in solutions,

To increase profitability by adhering to the Quality Management System and continuously improving our efficiency.

environmental policy

Our commitments regarding the protection of the environment:

  • To be a company that takes into account the environmental aspects of our products and activities, evaluates their suitability, plans and applies the necessary measures,
  • To protect the environment, to be a company that constantly develops with preventive activities,
  • To comply with the relevant legal and other obligations we are obliged to comply with about the environment,
  • For a cleaner environment, to work together with all our employees and stakeholders to reduce, eliminate or recycle waste through activities that prevent unnecessary resource use by keeping the factors we cause under control.

ohs policy

Our commitments regarding the OHS:

  • To ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees to prevent injury and health deterioration caused by work and working environments,
  • To take the risks related to Occupational Health and Safety under control by eliminating the dangers at source with systematic approaches by ensuring the participation of all our employees,
  • To comply with the relevant legal and other obligations regarding OHS,
  • To ensure continuous improvement by ensuring the participation of employees in all kinds of issues that pose a risk regarding Occupational Health and Safety with our continuous improvement principle and reward suggestion system,
  • To ensure the participation and consultation of all employees and employee representatives on issues related to the OHS management system,
  • To evaluate new products, machinery, facilities and processes in terms of Occupational Health and Safety while in the project design phase,
  • To give all our personnel the authority and responsibility to stop the work in any situation, movement and incident that will endanger themselves, colleagues or visitors,
  • To provide and develop the Occupational Health and Safety culture, which is based on safe behavior, through planned trainings for all our personnel.