maintenance management

Renkler maintenance management aims to keep the functionality of the equipment and systems in our business at high performance, and at the same time to have zero errors, zero accidents and zero stops. Planned maintenance, predictive maintenance and incidental maintenance are carried out within the scope of the maintenance management applied, and a special software is used to follow these maintenance.

planned maintenance

Maintenance periods of all equipment are determined by the maintenance department and these plans are transferred into the software used in the maintenance system. It is opened by the system as a due maintenance work order and the maintenance team performs these maintenance. Apart from these, autonomous maintenance is also handled in this context in our company.

predictive maintenance

Within the scope of predictive maintenance, oil / particle analysis of our critical benches, air leak detection, thermal camera analysis and flow measurement applications are carried out in our factories.

breakdown maintenance

All kinds of malfunctions are transmitted to the maintenance unit as a job request over the maintenance system. After it is approved by the maintenance personnel in the system, it becomes a work order and the malfunction is resolved. Root cause analyzes are performed in order to eliminate all malfunctions and to resolve the malfunction faster. Our maintenance system is monitored by performance indicators such as MTTR and MTBF.