Renkler was founded as a family business


Renkler, which started manufacturing activities in Çankaya (İzmir) address with a lathe and an eccentric press machine park, moved to Pınarbaşı industrial zone due to the increasing business and customer volume and incorporated punch cutting and press brake sheet forming processes, which were the new metal processing processes of the period in this region.


Thanks to its flexible and fast production capabilities, the operation area at Pınarbaşı address was also insufficient and it was moved to its new factory building in Kemalpaşa (İzmir) Organized Industrial Zone.


Renkler accelerated its development with laser, punch cutting, press brake bending, welded joining and assembly capabilities, which are mainly sheet metal processing and shaping operations, in the second factory building in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, which it commissioned in 2011. It rapidly develops its international customer portfolio, especially as a co-developer (design and design partner) solution partner with its global customers.


It started to operate in the third factory building in Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone and expanded its sectoral distribution. It has increased the opportunities considerably by minimizing the risks with its increasing capacity and capability development.


One of the leading companies in its sector, KROS Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has been taken over by its legal entity. The success of Renkler continues to increase with the organization strengthened as a result of the combination of Renkler and KROS.