assembly lines

Assembly lines have 2000m2 square meters indoor zone. Product groups vary between electromechanical, white goods and industry goods in these lines. Firstly each assembly lines are designed at computers due to the requirements of products and customers, considering line flows, buffer stock areas, mounting needs etc.

Renkler has the ability to produce many variations on the assembly lines and has also strong supply chain with more than hundred suppliers. In order to provide strong supply chain management with its suppliers, Renkler ensures internal and external trainings to all suppliers with the participation of quality and purchasing departments.

Assembled product groups are usually mechanism type products, consisting of 300-500 subparts, products are purely mechanical. Each subparts are checked precisely by quality team before releasing to the assembly lines in order to prevent any improper product assembly. Besides that each assembly group has its own operation procedures, placed on boards in lines and 5S implementations performed for each line. Almost all of the metal parts on the mechanisms are manufactured in production facilities at Renkler. Plastic and casting parts are procured from suppliers.

In addition, when the assembly operation is completed, each product is subjected to mechanical, electrical, strength and functional tests at Renkler. Therefore all products meet the customer requirements before shipment and for each product, all quality reports are provided to the customer. Due to the customer demand, Renkler has the ability of producing test apparatus for products.

Renkler is one of the most advanced solution partner in this sector which offers to the market fully assembled products including all sheet metals, press, machining and welded parts etc.

Thus, Renkler is the one of trustable and competitive company in the European and Domestic market.