Renkler was established as a family company in 1980.

Manufacturing process of Renkler started with machining and press operations in Çankaya / Izmir address, for a while moved to Pinarbasi / Izmir because of increasing business and customer volume. Ongoing development of the growth with the sheet metal processing and forming operations to punch, laser cutting and bending capabilities, Renkler needed to move to Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone (KOSBI) by collecting all the operations together in 2000. Renkler still continues to set up business on, have developed their ability in recent years and that produce semi-assembled and assembled product groups instead of producing individual parts, has become the system manufacturer and supplier of location.

Renkler accelerated the development of the second factory in Manisa Industrial Zone area in 2011 as a result of its predominantly sheet metal processing, laser forming, punch cutting, bending, welding and mounting capabilities. Especially in the position of global partner and co-developer (design and design partner) solution partner, it rapidly develops its international customer portfolio.

Renkler started to operate in the third new factory in Kemalpaşa OSB in 2013 in order to meet the needs of GSM, Energy, Defense Industry and Public sector shelter which is highly demanded in national and international markets, it has expanded its sectoral distribution in its sector and minimized the risks with increasing capacity and capability development, the opportunities have also increased considerably.

As of 31.05.2018, 100% of the shares of Renkler was acquired by legal entity of KROS Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. The success of Renkler / Kros continues with increasing success of Renkler Makina with its stronger organization.

Since its inception, Renkler has also been able to design and manufacture mechanical parts molds and apparatuses as well as the ability to cut and shape sheet metal sheets with stamping, press, punching, laser and bending, as well as producing single parts, welded, semi-assembled, has become one of the strategic suppliers of national and international industry sector with its ability to produce products.

Renkler is the award-winning organization of the Siemens group of companies who deserves the best solution and quality award. Besides of this, Renkler has been developing for years in the position of "Preffered Supplier" of Schneider and Bosch companies.

Our apprenticeship unit, which has been operating since 2008 and has received quality awards from the Ministry of National Education, is proud of having graduated 40 students each year, equipped with exemplary technical qualifications and social skills, and trained in qualified employment.

Renkler has become a shining star of the sector with its OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, TS 16949 and 14001 EMS, to maintain and to develop successful way with its employees, business stakeholders and the respect of the nature and consistent.