environment policy

As Renkler, we guarantee to be inclusive of our factories established in Manisa and Izmir that carry out the production and assembly of components for electromechanics, white goods, automotive and similar industries;

By evaluating all internal and external contexs, conditions, requirements and expectations of all parties that are involved, for the customer satisfaction in a customer specific and ecofriendly way:

To be a company that is;

o Taking the environmental measurements into consideration, evaluating the suitability, planning and applying the necessary precautions in our products and activities,

o Improving the environmental protection with preventive activities,

o Complying to the legal and other obligations about environmental protection,

o Practising activities with our employees and stakeholders to decrease, eliminate or recycle the amount of waste produced, by controlling the factors we cause and applying restrictive actions on using the sources for a cleaner environment.