assembly lines

About 2 thousand square meters of indoor space, especially mounting portion being used in electromechanical and white goods industry product groups are produced. Renkler has the ability to produce many variations on the assembly line and has also a strong supply chain with more than 100 supplier. to increase the force on supply chain on its suppliers, within the quality and purchasing department internal and external training and development carried out on projects.

Assembled product groups usually mechanism type products, consisting of 300-500 parts and products are works purely mechanical. Therefore, parts of the size and quality of the products should be the maximum level of precision to the mechanism of action in case the deviation tolerance is a part and product rejection. Almost all of the metal parts on the mechanism are manufactured in production facilities at Renkler. plastic and cast parts are supplied with suppliers.

In addition to being the production of assembled products, these products are mechanical, electrical, strength and functional tests are also taking place in Renkler and are shipped to the customer with all reporting product. Test apparatus which is used Product test may supplied by customer either may be produced in Renkler. This also is a measure of technical capacity of Renkler.

Trend of Latest years amoung other suppliers Renkler, has the ability to produce products with assembling, by thus Renkler is the one of trustable and competitive company in Domestic and espacially in European market.